That’s it – I’m doing it!

To blog or not to blog, has been the question on my mind for a while. There are so many blogs and you tube channels out there with people sharing their personal life. Who would want to read about me and why?…like seriously I’m a nobody! But yet I spent some much time in my day following other peoples lives on social media to get inspired or just for fun!!

So a little bit about me, 30 year old east Indian girl livin’ the Canadian life. I am married to my husband for 5 coming to 6 years and we have a beautiful 16 month old daughter :). I have a career that I loved but now is SUPER BORING!!! and what is it, I do payroll for a living. I make sure YOU get your pay cheque every second Friday. I’m everyone’s best friends at work until shit hits the fan….lol! And you know what I’m writing this at work right now (wonder what my manager will think…:D).

When I was in my early 20’s to even mid 20’s I thought I had life all figured out! I finished school, started my career bought my first car, traveled a bit! I was chillin….and then I met my husband and life got even better. I found my prince charming, Valentines day wasn’t boring and depressing anymore, I had a companion and I loved every moment of it. I’ll share our marriage journey some other day, but life is good and I can’t complain.

Anyways when shit got real and life completely changed was when we had our daughter, first kid, first time parents…..alot of adjustments!! She is the best THING that has ever happened to us and we created her….damn we are proud! And if you ask me today if I have life figured out….I would probably laugh.

So on this page, I will share all the good and ALL the bad (because for some reasons we love listening and reading about the bad, the struggles…human nature).

But before I sign off today….thank you for taking the time to read about me (You could be doing a million other things with your time, but you choose this 🙂 ).

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