What’s your DNA….

It’s Thursday but feels like Friday, maybe because I have tomorrow off…YAH – love days off from work! So where’s my head at today, your about to find out….

In today’s time we are exposed to SO MUCH, more than we can even comprehend with. Our cell phones within reach, the internet available within seconds, tv, radio (wait who even listens to the radio?) and I seriously feel like I have a second husband and his name is Google – I’m sure you’ve all met him ;).

We are always inspired to be like someone else, I want that body, the hair, the skin, the lifestyle, etc. We’re always chasing to be better, it’s like a drug that doesn’t kill u or atleast I hope. Are we doing this because we want to better ourselves or because we want to be like someone else to live the life their living. As a kid growing up I was told by my mom to be like “the other kids” maybe she was doing it for my benefit or she thought other kids were better than hers? But why wasn’t I told to be ME. Everyone I came across in my life told me “hey do this because so and so is doing it”. But was someone else doing what I was doing? Maybe or maybe not.

Why do we sometimes have a hard time accepting ourselves, don’t get me wrong I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin ( I had Elvis side burns until I was like 18/19 – I could have cared less). But like everyone else I get carried away wishing and hoping that I could be like someone else because I see their “glam” life  on social media and think they have it good. But do they really? So let’s just break it down, there is no one in this world with the same DNA as mine or yours, NO-ONE!!! Man if I could duplicate someone’s DNA, it would be Beyonce, who doesn’t wanna be married rich, have killer legs and be called the “THE QUEEN”. But you know what, I’m okay with myself. I’m okay where I am today, I might not like the current work situation but I like ME! I wouldn’t trade myself to be like someone else.

It was anti-bulling day yesterday (and I forgot to wear pink), it’s awesome that we can have these days and bring awareness to kids who are at a fragile stage because they are being bullied for being themselves. Stuff like this matters to me now because I have a daughter, I have promised myself to never ever make her feel like she needs to be level up to another person. She is her own person, with her own DNA. I will teach her to love herself and be STRONG on the inside.

I wouldn’t have thought like this 10 or even 5 years ago. Life changes and teaches alot! When we love ourselves it shows, our kids, parents, friends, spouse, work people, everyone sees it and it’s CONTIGUOUS! When you empower yourself you automatically empower others. So today when your going about your day, take a moment and kiss yourself on the hand because you deserve it.

Good on you for being you because in today’s world we can easily get lost, so all I can say is stay true to your DNA because their is no one out there like you and NEVER will be.



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