Hope you guys had an awesome Friday! Even though I had a day off today, I worked harder than I do at my day job. My day consisted of taking care/entertaining a toddler, cleaning, 4 loads of laundry (which still need to be folded) and a lot more. People that think stay at home mom’s have it easy, I’ve got something to say to you- but that’s a discussion for another day,  today’s blog is about something else.

Thank god it’s Friday…..who came up with that? Genius or not so genius? The reason I say that is because why do we live for Fridays and weekends, or whatever your regular day off is. I’m always looking forward to Fridays, ALWAYS! The reason because I can stay home, spend time with my family, and do what I feel like doing on my own schedule. The reality is we all have to work whether we like it or not. But why do we wait for our days off to enjoy life? Why can’t we enjoy life on a random Monday? The answer is we can. Too many of us are doing something that we don’t LOVE which drains our energy during the day and leaves us dead tired by the evenings. All we want to do is come home, get into sweats, lay on the couch and watch tv for like 3-4 hrs then go sleep and repeat that cycle for the next 4 or 5 days. I did that for as long as I can remember, also they say they want to make robots – aren’t we robots?

I really envy people that I know that find time to exercise, bake, go on movie dates/dinners and other things during the weeknights because they choose to live in the NOW not the future. Some of them are single and some have families. What’s the difference between me and them, they make TIME for themselves in the same 24hrs that I get. My goal is to enjoy life on a regular basis, do something fun with my husband and daughter. Or just have an hour of ME time. This way I’m not trying to jam pack everything for the weekend, and then find myself going to work Monday more tired than I left the Friday. Honestly life is passing by , if I don’t live today, I’m gonna be a 65 year old lady probably sitting in my wheel chair (cause I don’t exercise or eat properly) with million regrets (scary shit when you actually put in perspective).

I get it, sometimes it might seem impossible for us to enjoy life in the present, but it’s the PRESENT that matters, not what happened yesterday or is going to happen tomorrow. So fuck TGIF cause it should’t matter, and lastly I think it should called TGIA…Thank God I’m Alive  :).

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