Guess what guys, the weekend and the Oscars are OVER. The goal for this week is to wait for FRIDAY…TGIF…lol just kidding. I plan on actually living my life after work and doing something that makes me happy :).

Anyways the weekend was very eventful, Saturday we all (I mean the entire family) went to Vancouver to try out a crispy fried chicken place (JUKE’s), I thought it was good, my favorite part was the crispy skin (yes the non nutritious part 🙂 ). Then we ditched the rest of the family, (we were in two cars) to get some ice-cream from “Earnest Ice-Cream”. Out of all the flavors me and my sister in law got the cardamom flavor, I know I know so Indian of us!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent in sweats and watching my bother/sister in law’s wedding videos (they got married last year). What’s so nice about moments like these is that everyone gets into sweats, you throw a bunch of sponges down and it turns into a huge slummer party! You watch hours on hours of wedding footage, we all know how LONG and HUGE Indian weddings are. After a few hours of watching everyone takes a break to eat & pee (pretty much like a half time at a game), and then you get right back into watching the rest of it. The BEST part of it all this that it’s non stop laughter and making fun of one another because someone is BOUND to do something stupid/silly on camera.

Moments like these are so effortless in life. Everyone is having such a good old time and the atmosphere is so light and free. We are always so busy pushing life forward and get caught in the rat race that we forgot to slow down life. It’s nice to sit down without an agenda and spend time with loved ones. It’s even better when your watching back old memories and having a blast!! In my opinion this is what LIFE is all about. Yes we ALL have negative memories/experiences, but it’s the good memories that bring pure happiness and lift our spirits. Honestly have you ever stopped and wondered how much happens/changes over the years. The best part is we have the ability to capture it all and watch it over and over again – the cave men totally missed out on technology.

I really enjoy watching back old memories. Trust me when I say this, take a moment this week or on the weekend and watch some footage back from maybe when you were a little kid, your wedding video, your kids videos or something that happened recently. Because I can almost guarantee it 100% that by the end of it your heart will be filled with joy.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr.Seuss



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