Tired…but Motivated

Tired….yah me too! It was a busy Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday I felt like a zombie – literally! I’ve been so slammed at work (it’s payroll budgeting plus processing – not fun) and Monday night was brutal. Our daughter Ajooni, she’s 16 months and she was awake from 2:30 – 4:30 am….you read that right AM! All you single people out there, count your blessings….lol. Don’t know what was wrong but she wouldn’t settle, me and my hubby think it’s cause she’s teething.

Anyways yesterday was a long day due to lack of sleep, I was so EXHAUSTED that I could have dropped on my office floor for a nap. We all get tried and we have our reasons, maybe it was a long day at work, you were up all night parenting or partying, maybe your travelling, the list goes on and on. But what’s interesting is when were doing something we like we can be up for 10 hrs straight doing it and not complain, but when it’s something we don’t, were done after a couple of hours! But what keeps us going everyday is, deep down somewhere we want to get somewhere in life. ALL OF US DO! Some of us are vocal about it and some not so much.

So what keeps me going everyday….it’s my daughter and my husband. When I was single and wasn’t in a relationship, I worked saved a little bit, shopped like crazy (such a waste of money) and didn’t really know what life’s purpose was and if you ask any 20 year old, what do you wanna do in life – majority of them will answer “I don’t know”.

It wasn’t until I became a mother I saw what “living” really meant. I have a responsibility towards my kid to be the best parent, and provide the best life I possibly can! And you know what in a weird way that pushes me to do better in life, to be a better person and think about giving back to society. It has really changed my perspective on what really matters.

It’s a good question to ask yourself, what’s your motivation in life? What makes you get up every morning and do better? Some of you might have the answer and someone of you might still be searching, and you know what that’s okay. If life’s journey was easy, appreciation wouldn’t exists. So if today is already shit for you, keep your chin up and get through it because tomorrow is another day, another opportunity and another chance to be happy :).

“No matter how hard the past, you can begin again” – Budda












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