I get it now…

You know what luxury is for me as a parent? A moment to enjoy a cup of coffee without any disturbance. I had one of those moments yesterday and it was truly magical :).

To all the parents out there, what would you say is the hardest part of parenting? For me it’s the discipline part. Ajooni has started to develop an attitude lately, sometimes it’s cute, other days I wanna wrestle her to the ground (lol). My hubby and I think “terrible twos” are starting early (#FML). She likes to say “NO” to everything, and it’s not a cute no. It’s a “GET OUT OF MY FACE I DON’T WANT TO EAT THAT”, kind of no! She’s starting to scream at us, majority of the time it just makes me giggle. I’ll look at her and wonder you’re so small how are you even capable of screaming so loud? But this is only her 20% of the time, the 80% she’s a pure ANGEL!

So back to discipline. How do I even discipline a 17 month old? When I try to she’ll just ignore me or even worse cry, and that’s when I feel like the biggest jerk in this world. If I try to explain to her why she shouldn’t do it, 1% of time she’ll listen, 99% of the time she’ll keep doing what she is doing. Mind you she doesn’t do any of this in public, it’s just when she’s home (she’s the boss at home).

Obviously I haven’t had years of parenting experience it’s only been 17 months. But, what I have found is that I have to be patience (parenting = patience). Ajooni isn’t going to learn not to throw food on the carpet by me saying “don’t do it” once. I have to repeat myself a billion times until it sticks (exhausting at times). They’re are days when she will push my limits, and test my patience (funny how we did that to our parents), but I have to stay calm and deal with it. After becoming a parent I have realized how much patience I have….I’m sure my hubby can say the same. No matter how much of a tantrum she’s throwing we gotta keep our COOL!

To be honest, I was one of those people that passed judgement on the parents when I saw a kid screaming in the mall. I used to think to myself “wow…control your kid”. Was I wrong!! It’s not easy trying to calm your kid during a tantrum in public, plus dealing with peoples nasty looks and judgments. It’s also that much harder trying to discipline them the right way – is there even a “right” way?

So today I like to say to all those parents, I wish I was a bit more understanding and didn’t pass judgement so quick. I was young and stupid! I didn’t know what it took to calm an upset baby/child and how HARD it is to discipline them without losing your mind. But I do now  and I get it!

“Being a mother is learning about the STRENGTHS you didn’t know you had…and dealing with the FEARS you didn’t know existed” – Unknown







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