Shame on you

Today I was going through the headline news on Google and something popped up. This just irks my soul. I might get some backlash or heat from this blog, but you know what I’m going to express my thoughts anyway. It was an article on an perfectly fine infant that died at 11 months because of drug overdose (lethal dose of meth). WTF?? The mom was a drug addict and was responsible for this death.

The reason this bothers me is because I am a mom. I know what it takes to carry a baby in your stomach, nourish it for 9 months, then go threw the pain of giving birth and taking care of the child forever. In my opinion drug addicts should NOT have kids, or even be allowed to conceive. Giving birth to a baby is a gift and a blessing and I hate it when people don’t value that. Yes having a baby is your choice and it’s a “human right” blah blah blah. But when you can’t even think straight and take care of yourself, you think it’s a good idea to bring a baby to this world. Clearly your on drugs!  Yes many kids survive but what kind of a life do they lead? They either get taken away from their parents, put into foster care, or turn into addicts themselves. And sometimes end up having kids of their own that go through the same thing. It’s a never ending cycle sometimes. Yes their is a flip side to the story, where the kids  grow up and actually make a life for themselves. But look at the atmosphere their parents created for them growing up.

I’m just not talking about parents that do drugs, I’m also taking about woman that smoke and drink while their pregnant – like are you F***** out of your mind! Do you not have a brain that works….clearly not. Also parents that sell and carry drugs in the house with little kids around (I read another article about that the other day) are idiots. You owe your children, you owe them love, security and a safe life. And when you can’t provide that, you become the biggest failure on this planet (and making money off drugs doesn’t count as success). Someone might argue and say ” sometimes you don’t have a choice”…really? You’re telling me you got pregnant because you were too high and now you don’t have a choice….Go F yourself! We all have choices and we make them everyday.

How hard is to understand that kids are so naive and have innocent souls. They need to be protected, feed and nourished. No one has the right to hurt them, not even their parents. I personally have no respect or sympathy for a parent that puts their kid or kids through any kind of abuse. So if your one of those parents, shame on you!

Now that I have shamed the bad parents and have probably pissed off some people, I want to acknowledge the good parents. The parents that hustle everyday so their families can have the best future. The ones that would risk their life and safety for their kids. You guys are the true hero’s and know what it means to have children. Every kid needs a parent like you, but sadly not all kids are that lucky.

“Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression” – So make sure it’s a good one.





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